Friday, May 31, 2013

Five For Friday!!!!!

I am so glad it is Friday!  I love short work weeks! Not having school on Monday was fabulous and made the week go by super fast!  Today was our Kindergarten Celebration (we are not aloud to call it graduation anymore).  My students looked so cute all dressed up!  They sang our Kindergarten songs and we had a party.  All but 5 of my children went home by 10:00am which made today that much better!!!

I have already started thinking about next year and how I am going to decorate my classroom.  I have decided to go with the chevron pattern!  I am already very excited to start decorating and I have actually already created my number posters, alphabet posters, and shape posters!!!  They are up on my TPT store if you want to check them out!
 (Its a little blurry!  Looks better on TPT!)

I FINALLY finished painting the stripes in my half bathroom!  It took me forever and was very tedious but I LOVE how it came out!  I may not attempt stripes again in the near future but I am so glad I did it!!!

Earlier this week we went on a field trip to Wannamaker Park!  My students had a blast!  We played in the water, on the playground, in the field, and we even attempted some volleyball which I am sure you can all imagine how that went with about 50 Kindergarten students :)  We had SOOO much fun and I cannot wait to go back next year!
My last exciting moment from this week is I only have 4 more days left of driving to work as the sun comes up!  Although I love the view on my drive, I must say I will not miss watching the sun rise the next two months!  

I can't wait to jump on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone has going on for Five for Friday!!!


  1. Jamie,
    I absolutely love your striped walls! They are beautiful! I need to come and see it in person!!! I know your house is probably so fashion forward and glamorous!

  2. I'm with you about not watching the sun come up for the next two months! Yipeeeeeee! have a great summer!