Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It!

This past week flew by!  I spent a lot of time at the beach and relaxing. This weekend my husband and I were pretty busy spending time with friends. We went to a baseball game, bowling, and helped put up wainscoting in our friends new nursery.  I am tired just thinking about our weekend!!!
I didn't get a lot done last week even though I had so much I wanted to make...  I guess there is always this week!
I do have one thing I made this week to share!  I am linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It linky party.  

I have been doing a lot of thinking and really want to make sure I have all of my centers made and ready to go each week when I need them.  Last week I started working on an apple themed unit that is filled with different math and literacy games that I can make for my students to use all throughout September.  All of the items in the unit can be used for multiple activities which is great because now I don't have to make the materials for each center each week.  Instead I can reuse the center materials but change the center activity!  

The unit includes number apples, letter apples, apple themed word cards, and so much more!  Now all thats left to do is print, cut, laminate, and the worst part... cut again!  
If you are interested in the unit head on over to my TPT store to take a look!
Here are some pictures of what the apple unit looks like.

Make sure you head on over to 4th Grade Frolics to see what everyone else has been making!  I always find the cutest ideas from this linky party!  Now I need to get busy making all of the cute things I find!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pin Friday!

I can't believe it is already Friday again!  My husband has been gone all week on travel and I feel like I was just saying bye to him!  I spent most of my week relaxing and going to the beach!  I also made sure to find some time to pin a little (a lot).  I am going to be linking up with Cara over at First Grade Parade for her fabulous Favorite Pins Friday so I can share all the fun things I pinned this week!

For my Classroom:

I LOVE these phonics cards!  They are so colorful and the best part is they are free!  Head over to Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons and check them out!

I came across this super cute idea this week and I can't wait to use it in my classroom next year!  My kids are always willing to share and participate when they know there is a treat involved.  Katie over at Rock & Teach made this really cute "Kiss your Brain" jar!  I will definitely have to make one of these for this upcoming school year!

Yummy Recipes:

This potato salad looks AMAZING!  I am going to have to find a reason to make this even if its just for me to eat all by myself :)

My husband and I eat a lot of chicken so I am always looking for new recipes to spice things up.  I came across this recipe and I can not wait to make it this week.  I skipped out on cooking last week since it was only me but this week I will be back to cooking each night! 
Herb Crusted Chicken in Basil Cream Sauce... YUM

For the Home

I have a big wall going up my stairwell and I haven't been able to figure out what to put on it.  I found this pin and was inspired.  I love how this looks! 

Must Have...

I LOVE my Michael Kors watch but I am on the lookout for a new one.  I found this gorgeous watch on pinterest this week and I am obsessed!  I may have to start dropping hints to my husband :)  
It's probably a good thing that it is unavailable! 

Now its time to head on over to First Grade Parade and see what you all have been pinning! Make sure to link up with Cara so everyone can see all your fabulous finds!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


I am so excited to be part of an amazing giveaway being hosted by Sam over at Mrs. Kelly's Klass . She is making the move down to Kindergarten this upcoming school year and is having an awesome giveaway right now to celebrate for Kindergarten and First Grade teachers.  So many amazing bloggers have donated items to give away so make sure to head on over and enter for a chance to win some amazing products!!  You have until July 11th at 11pm to enter! 


Monday Made It!

Happy Monday everyone!  I can't believe it is already July 8th.  Where did June go?!?!  I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for her wonderful Monday Made It linky party!!
I have been trying to keep my mind off of school and focused on summer vacation but we all know that is nearly impossible!  One of my goals for this summer was to make birthday boxes!  A few of the ladies I work with have used these in the past and I LOVE them!  I think they are adorable and wanted them for my own classroom.  I had a birthday poster set that I bought but I wasn't crazy over it and am on a mission to glamorize my classroom!
I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places) and was able to get almost everything I needed.  They only had 8 boxes instead of 12 but I was happy to at least get a few so I could start my project!
This is what I needed to buy:
1. 12 Small gift boxes
2. 12 different pieces of scrapbook paper for each month
3. 12 Bows

I also needed...
1. Scissors 
2. Tape

Thats all I needed to make these super cute birthday boxes.  I plan on hanging them up in my classroom and adding chevron cupcakes to all the different boxes with my students names and their birthdays on them!  I will also need to put the name of each month on or above the boxes but I haven't decided exactly how I am going to label them yet! 

Here is a look at how they came out...

This weekend I also made Number Line Banners that I will hang in my classroom.  Each year we keep track of how many days we have been in school by making a growing number line.  The past few years I have used post-it notes and allowed my calendar helper to write the number and stick the post-it on the number line.  This year I wanted to use a number line that looked like a banner and matched my chevron theme.  I made three different options that I have posted to my TPT store!  I am so excited to watch this cute number line banner grow rather then the post-it notes this upcoming school year!
Here is a peek at what the banners look like :)

I can't wait to see what everyone else has been making!  I always love looking at everyones blogs during this time of year because I get to see all of the cute things being made for everyones classrooms!!  
Make sure to head on over to 4th Grade Frolics to check out all of the other Monday Made It!! 

Monday, July 1, 2013


I will be linking up with Flying into First Grade and throwing my very first sale in honor of the 4th of July!  All of my items will be 20% off from July 2nd - July 4th over at my TPT store!  
Happy Shopping!!!


I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my July currently!  
Make sure you head on over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade to see what everyone else is currently up to!!