Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Sale!!!

I can't believe it is already that time of year... BACK TO SCHOOL!
Make sure to head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store Sunday August 18 - August19 for 28% off all of my items!  This is the best sale of the year so you don't want to miss it!  I can't wait to purchase all the amazing products on my wish list! 
Happy Shopping! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Missing in Action...

I'm BACK!!!
I never really was gone but I haven't posted in a VERY long time!  Things were crazy around here for the past 2 weeks and I haven't had much time to do anything!!!  Last weekend my husband and I returned from our 10 day trip up to New England to visit with both our families.  It was a great time but I always feel like we never see everyone we need to and we always run out of time.  I was home for two days and then I went up to Myrtle Beach where I met my dad and 2 sisters.  I just got home from that little trip today and boy am I tired!!!!

Overall our trip home went great except we did hit a bump in the road on our drive up to New England which definitely consumed all of my time for a few days!  My fur baby Molly got scared and pulled out of her harness while we stopped in P.A. to spend the night with my husbands grandparents. She was missing for over 30 hours!!!! Of course the area where she ran off into is acres of cornfields so it made searching extremely difficult.  If anyone knows me at all, they know my animals are my LIFE and needless to say I was a complete mess!  My husband and I were very upset and ended up spending an extra day in P.A. searching for her and missing the wedding we were traveling home to go to :(   We ended up finding her late in the evening after my other dog Maizy started barking and Molly heard her.  It was the best/worst day of my life! We are so glad to have her back and I am now going to be that crazy mom who doesn't let anyone else try and walk my babies :)

I am going to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party to fill you in on this past week!  I am so glad this linky is back.  It is one of my favorites!  

Myrtle Beach!
I just got back from spending the past 3 days in Myrtle Beach with my Dad and 2 sisters.  We spent a lot of time relaxing, shopping, going to the aquarium, and of course eating! 

This is a picture of myself on the right, my little sister in the middle, and my older sister on the left!

Library Bins!
I have been searching all summer for new library bins for my classroom library.  I came across these super cute purple and teal bins in the dollar section of target this week and had to have them.  I am a little worried that they might not fit in the shelf I use for my books but I guess I will find out Tuesday when I go in to my room for the first time this summer !
(My cat likes them too :) )

I have a huge closet under my staircase that I store all of my decorations in for my house.  When we drove home from New England my mom felt it was necessary to give me bins filled with even more decorations!  As soon as I got home I went through everything and organized it all based on which holiday I would need it for. One item that I always have such a hard time storing are my wreaths!  I now have a lot of them and always have a hard time storing them without them getting squished.  I came up with a great idea (or I think it is at least ) of putting a bunch of command hooks on the wall of the closest and hanging my wreaths off of them.  Saves so much space and keeps the wreaths from being ruined.  Why didn't I think of this sooner!!! It's the small things that make me happy! 

New Alphabet and Numbers!
This school year I am changing my classroom theme!  I did a jungle theme last year and this year I am going to be doing the chevron pattern with elephants... Basically I am taking my blog theme and using it in my classroom because I love it so much!!  Earlier this week I had to go buy a new printer because my old one broke right before we left for our trip.  My old printer was 8 years old and I was sad to see it go but I was also excited to get a new one!!!  As soon as I got the new printer set up I started printing my new alphabet cards and number cards to go with my new theme.  I am so happy with how they turned out and I can't wait to get into my room so I can hang them up! 

Yard Work!
My husband and I have been avoiding working in our front yard all summer because we have been battling with our builder about gutters.  Every time it rained all our mulch would wash out of our flowerbeds and into our yard because our house didn't have gutters installed when it was built and it was causing major issues.  We were getting water into out garage from the stone on our house due to the insane amount of water pouring off our roof.  After many emails back and forth I finally won the battle and the builder put up gutters!!!!  So silly but yes I was excited!  Last weekend my husband and I went to Lowe's and bought all new mulch and flowers and our front porch and walk way now look so much better!  I may have had to wait longer then I wanted but now we have a pretty porch and gutters!  Like I said before... it's the small things that make me happy! 

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That completes my Five for Friday... Now on to my currently!  I can't believe it is already August!  This summer has flown by. I am also linking up with Oh' By 4th Grade for her August Currently Linky!  Another on of my favorites :)

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